Tawauna Stewart

“My Fabulous Fit Female journey began March of 2015 when I unenthusiastically joined a STEWARTBoot Camp class because I had a great Groupon deal.  In all honesty, my intention was to use the coupons and get out.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t about being fit, it was just going to the gym was comparable to that of a chore and we all know chores are unlikable.

At the end of my Groupon term, to my surprise it was extremely difficult to walk away from the trainer who was at that point in the process of opening her own fitness gym.   For once, I had experienced an effective and creative training that made the experience a fun one.  Not only were the ladies amazingly supportive and encouraging, but the trainer’s input to nutrition concerns and the unsurmountable time she provided off training hours made it evident that she was in it for the ladies.

Christin Pearson and P2fitness  has not only changed my lifestyle but those the most important to me, my two daughters.  They have internalized the necessity for a healthy life style and have transformed their unhealthy eating habits.  We have learned to successfully complement the eating component with the exercise component.  It has also had a direct impact on several of my colleagues as they were curious as to the physique change and the newly found “fit” attitude and they have now become members.

I have lost 28 pounds and almost 5” by committing to a healthy “ME”.  I now find myself excited about eating healthy and being on time for my regular 5:15am class six days a week.  P2fitness is not your typical gym!  Interwoven is an amazing circle of women who come together and are able to have fun and laugh even in the midst of the challenges presented to us.  Linked with that comes the teaching and understanding of how to track food logs and transform to a healthy eating lifestyle.

I am so blessed to be under an amazing trainer as Christin Pearson and the P2fitness  program.  This is definitely a worth-while, life-changing program.”