Rayna Brown

Raynas transformation“2012, I was instructed by my aunt to create a vision board. She had given me two weeks to complete it. I ended up creating two of them. One of my boards was for fitness with three goals. One was to become fit, another to become a trainer and lastly to live a healthy lifestyle. When I created my board and began showing it to people, they would laugh at how I would put my face on the bodies of fit individuals. From that day on, I understood the importance of keeping my goals and dreams personal because they couldn’t see my vision. I kept my board hanging in my closet so I could see it daily. There were times that I would try to work out myself and eat right, but the people around me on a daily basis made it hard for me to continue with my goals. Even though they were my goals, I sill needed the support circle and like-minded people that would to help further my progress and hold me accountable.

2013 my eight-year-old God son Jaden play football for a local team. He was the biggest one in weight and height on his team. Due to his age, he was unable to move up. His mom had taken him to the doctor for a checkup and they said that he needed to go on a diet. So finding that out, he and I made a deal, that we would eat right and exercise on the regular. When we all went out to eat, everyone would get something healthy. It wasn’t easy, but goals had to be met. We all did well for the first few months and then we all fell off.

2013 was one of my toughest emotional, physical and spiritual years. As a result, I was at my all-time highest weight of 195 due to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. I was unstable and unhealthy for everyone, including my child. I did what I could do again in terms of working out but only lost 11 pounds. I stayed in the weight range of 180. Once again I fell off and began to put more weight on.

January 2014, my God-son Jaden was shot and passed away a few days later. The promise I made to him was that I would pick up where he left off. Eating clean, working out on the regular, encouraging people and being accountable. My goal was that I was to get up and workout at 5 a.m., so that I can get it out the way. It didn’t happen! The way my mind and my body was set up… LOL! Uh yea! So I began to pray about what I wanted and couple of weeks later I just happened to see your post about a trial at burn boot camp. The classes begin at 5:30 a.m. Just what I needed. The very first day I was late I felt so embarrassed because people had already started and I was thrown into a group that made everything uneven. That was the day that I met Christin and Larry( the other half of P2 Fitness). A few days later I was introduced to burpees. I hated those things. The first week I made it 6 days. During that time I was having back problems to the point that I would cry and had to get everything modified. Being an athlete, you don’t want anything modified because it’s in you to push past the burn. I was going to the chiropractor and with modifications, slowly but surely I strengthened my back and the pain was going away. Modifications weren’t needed anymore. After being there for several months, my trainer made mention of her starting her own gym. I told her straight up that I was coming with her. It was the connection that I made with her when I had my first Focus meeting. I knew right then and there that she was the right trainer for me. My decision about joining P-Square Fitness is one of the best movies I could have ever made. Weighing in at 184 in June 2014 to my lowest weight being 156 in April 2016. Even though it has been a tough journey, I never threw in the towel. Don’t get me wrong, there were times where it has been very hard and I was pushed to the limits. She has seen my goals, and so how I can push past what I was putting out and set my standards high. I am thankful that God made our path cross.

That is just the beginning for me. There is much more for me in this fitness walk that I am sharing with others. So now that this Vision I saw for myself has come to pass, it’s time to create another one.”