Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee Transformation

“Almost 2 years ago I started working out with Christin and her husband Larry.  It was something new to me, I was a bit scared and hesitant but it quickly became a part of my everyday life. Working out with Christin and the ladies of P2 is amazing! Not only are you getting the best workout ever with a trainer that is experienced and knows how to push you but the company is fantastic.  These ladies are all there for the same reasons.  To change something, to lose something, to become better at something, and we all have each other backs…

Jamie Lee Transformation 2

They are there to push you when you need the extra encouragement or you’re feeling down on yourself.  Christin and the ladies of P2 are fabulous and they make each workout more bearable.  I can honestly say P2 has helped me push myself further in my workouts than I could have ever imagined. You won’t be disappointed when you join.”