Harriet S.

harriet before after2“I began boot camp with the expectation of losing some weight and “getting in shape”, whatever that might mean for a 57 year-old woman. I knew it would not be easy – but nothing worthwhile ever is.
I had been going about 8 months, and saw a 5-pound weight fluctuation, but only a slight improvement in my strength and stamina.
One week I decided to take a class that Christin coached. That changed EVERYTHING. In 5 weeks I had lost 10 lbs and 5″!!  Now, 6 months later, I am down nearly 30 pounds and 12″. My upper body is tight and toned like it has never been in my entire life, I’m wearing a smaller size than I’ve worn since I graduated from college, and I am in absolutely the best shape I’ve ever been.
Christin listened to my concerns. In addition to her coaching method, she helped me learn how to eat better; no gimmicks, no vitamins, no protein powders. Just watching what I eat and how I eat, fueling my life with healthy food, and working out. It is so gratifying that she took the time to personalize my fitness routine into something that truly WORKS for me.
I am not an athlete – I never have been. But I say – If I can do this, ANYONE can!”

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