Fearless Leader

meeeeSome think that because you are a trainer, because you know what to do, because you know how and what to eat, because you workout and so much more, that reaching your goals comes easy…I for one am here to tell you that is completely and totally untrue. 

Now my struggles may look and feel different then your struggles, but they are still struggles none the less. I am here to tell you that life happens and can get the best of all of us.  It is so important that we DO NOT lose ourselves in the process. We so easily forget that when we are caring for so many other people we lose sight of our goals and what we want for our self.  if we are not properly taking care of our self then we are will not be able to care for those we love. 

STOP! STOP today and PUT YOURSELF ON THE LIST. Let P2 help you reach goals you never thought imaginable…come and crush your goals one day at time, come and be a part of a #fitfam like never before…JUST COME. 

Check out part of my story below…me 3

First I want to start off by saying I am surrounded by some incredible women and men of P2 Fit Fam. I love working side by side, each one of you. You all work so extremely hard and push me to be a better version of me each day…
Keep pushing towards your goals, your dreams, your visions, your aspirations each AND every day!!! I LOVE coming in each day and watching each one of you ladies transform right in-front of my eyes. Laughing in Impossible’s face day after day. I aspire to be like each and every one of you! I am so proud, honored, and blessed to be such a huge part of this amazing health and fitness journey.

Some of you know and some of you may not know but almost a year ago I was blessed to have a couple of silent investors who not only believed in my dream of P2 Fitness and my vision, but who believed in me and what I wanted to bring and offer within the community .
I cannot express to you how grateful I am that P2 Fitness is alive and kicking. That P2 is here to help make lives better, bring unity among women, teach children (and women) to be strong NOT skinny, to encourage each person to be a healthier stronger version of themselves mentally AND physically, to motivate each person that they CAN reach any goal…nothing is impossible, to uplift every person here, and to help promote a positive self-image of one’s self each and every day…

With that being said, when we opened P2, I put ALL of my focus into each and every one of you ladies… (And now gentlemen). I have four children, a husband, and three dogs. I am a middle school soccer coach and cheerleading coach.
(Now don’t get it twisted I am by no means perfect and am not asking for sympathy or recognition, just want to lay it out there for all of you.)
I have a lot on my plate and when the business part was now OUR business and I was no longer “just teaching classes,” I had to adjust. I was teaching classes AND doing the behind the scenes keeping the business alive. I was doing more and more and more. I TRULY loved each moment.
However, One Day at a time I slowly lost sight of myself…isn’t that what happens? We as moms/women get busy, as caretakers, as wives, as just being us we get so caught up in helping others that we forget just how important we are, how important reaching our goals are. I lost sight of that. I spent 7/8 months of working out a few times a week, my nutrition was NOT on point, trying to work out with little ones around, trying to go for an unmotivated runs, etc etc…During this time I gained 27 pounds (after losing 48 pounds already) and 7% body fat and let’s just say countless inches…YES YOU read that correctly, feel free to go back and reread it…

I fell off big time. One day I stepped on the scale and it said something I had already worked so hard to never see again and I said…NO! It was time to put ME back on the list. It was time to make myself a priority again. IT WAS time to focus on being strong again NOT skinny. So I figured out what would work BEST for me in order to set aside time for MYSELF and I made a commit to myself. I kept my PROMISE to myself day in and day out, whether I felt like it or not, whether I was tired or not, whether I wanted to eat what I planned for the day or not, whether I was discouraged or not. I came in every day pushing to get closer and closer to my goals…remembering that I am important too and that I am doing this for myself, and KEEPING myself on that list…
MOTIVATION, DEDICATION, DETERMINATION. When you are determined that you want something nothing or nobody can stop you.

KEEP PUSHING #fitfam…you earn your body!! DO it for YOU, for you mentally, physically, emotionally. You got this!!!
Come laugh in the face of Impossible with me!#p2fitness