Christin P.

before afterPregnancy…a beautiful and amazing experience, which does crazy things to our bodies.  I was blessed to have two boys in 2 years, yes you read that correctly. They are 15 months apart.  After being pregnant for two years and essentially taking 1.5-2 years off from my passion, I realized that getting “my body” back was not going to be the easiest thing I have done.  I mean seriously, who has time to work out with 4, yes FOUR children….I also have 2 school age girls. So here we are…LIFE HAPPENS, right?

This is the part where I had to STOP and say “I am important too.” We live for our children, and we want to continue to live and be there for them each and every day…so we have to be healthy for ourselves but also for them, right? Right! Each day I dedicated 1-2 hours for ME, and ONLY Me!  And what did I do? I exercised and exercised! SWEAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Sweat is the fat Crying!! I made lots and lots and lots of sweat daily!!! I also changed my eating tremendously, no more cravings, no more fatty foods.  I changed my lifestyle, because I knew it would be something I would have to be able to do forever in order to keep a healthy lifestyle for myself….and my family!

I went from 180 pounds, 41% body fat, to 138 and 29% body fat in 6 months.   Was this easy? NO, it most certainly was not the easiest thing I have done.  Some days were hard, some days were easy.   Did I ever have a cheat meal, cheat day, cheat week? YES, YES, and YES.  It is important to cheat….NOT every day and certainly not every week, but I do understand that sometimes life gets the best of us, sometimes we are UNABLE TO get out of our own minds, and sometimes it is just HARD!!! After the 6 months did I continue on my lifestyle change? YES and it was easier than before.  Some days are still hard, some days I still have cravings, some days I am weak and give in. But I am MORE cautious of what I put in my mouth, or mostly importantly what I actually buy at the store.

I now feel better, stronger, leaner, and healthier then I have ever felt.  I weigh less than when I was in high school and I feel amazing inside and out.  My mission is to simply to help any Lady of P² Fitness feel the same, to reach limits they NEVER thought would be possible, to reach for the stars and actually touch them.

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